Three must-do hikes in the Belgian Ardennes

2020 and the worldwide outbreak of the corona pandemic has put a serious limit on cross-border travel and activities we can do. But this doesn’t imply that you should literally lock yourself up between the four brick walls of your house (unless the government says so… 😉). One of our most memorable trips this year was our ‘night under the stars’ at La Ferme du Ry. A bubble that represents the best of both worlds: the comfort of a hotel experience and the simplicity of being in the middle of nature. You sleep under the stars and you wake up with the first rays of sunshine on your face. Oh the bliss!

A truly hidden gem for nature lovers and people in need of an extraordinary place to relax and unwind.

La Ferme Du Ry is located approximately 9 kilometers from Dinant, a city that offers a wide range of outdoors activities (hiking, cycling, adventure parks, etc.)

We love to put our walking shoes on and get lost in nature.

If you’re searching for a good hiking trail in the Belgian Ardennes, don’t miss out on these three hikes.

1) On the crossroads of nature and history: Furfooz natural reserve

If you’re staying at La Ferme Du Ry, the closest hiking trail you should definitely try out is Furfooz natural reserve. This historical site is the ideal combination of archeology, geology and nature. On the 4 km trail, you will discover the exquisite fauna and flora of the Lesse valley while being submerged in the rich history from the Palaeolithic to the Middle Ages.

More information:

If you’re looking for a longer trail and a full day hike, you can walk from Celles to Furfooz natural reserve:

2) The best viewpoint of the Belgian Ardennes: le Tombeau du Géant

There are plenty of wonderful hiking trails in the Semois valley. If you need to pick one, we would recommend to include ‘le Tombeau du Géant’ on your route. The ‘Giant’s grave’ is considered as one of the best spots in the Belgian Ardennes and offers panoramic views on the surrounding area.

If you want the viewpoint as starting and ending point, we would recommend the 13 km loop along the Botassart river.

More information:

3) Rocks and ruins: Villers-la-Ville

If you’re into ancient ruins and archeological suites, you should definitely add the ruins of the Villers-la-Ville abbey to your list. The trail does not only lead you to the cultural heritage of the abbey, but also passes along peaceful villages and stunning woodlands.

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