Slow Cabins ® : back to (your) basics

Unplug and recharge. We are not talking about your smartphone (on the contrary!), but about Slow Cabins® .

A weekend in one of the Slow Cabins® means unplugging from the hustle and bustle of the city and reconnecting with yourself or your friends in the middle of nowhere.

In a fast-paced world where you need to be reachable 24/7, the eco-design cabins are the perfect getaway to disconnect from the never-ending flow of e-mails, Whatsapp messages and Instagram stories. A digital detox to reconnect with nature and with yourself.

Simplicity and silence of nature

The eco-design cabins are characterized by a minimal and modern design. By using natural wooden elements, founder Xavier Leclair succeeded in creating a very warm look and feel. Entirely made out of sustainable materials, the cabins have a minimal environmental impact.

Although they are not extremely big in square meters, the cabins almost feel as an extension of the surrounding environment. Thanks to the large windows, it feels as if nature is part of your living room. Don’t overpack, because they provide you with everything you need: from an eco-shower and a cooking stove with kitchen equipment to an outside barbecue. Enjoy a silent evening under the stars.

Nature getaway for urban dwellers

Escaping city life in an unique setting in nature. The concept itself stands out, but the organization goes the extra mile by adding two extraordinary features:

- You are quite literally in the middle of nature. You will not be able to park your car next to your cabin. A refreshing walk brings you to your cabin, completely off the grid.

- To make sure that their cabins stay off the grid, the organization only sends you the location two weeks beforehand. You can rest assured that it will be a secluded location in Flanders. Far enough to disconnect, but close enough (max. two-hour drive) for a weekend getaway.


There are two types of cabins: Time for two (2 persons – from €195/night) and Time for family (4 persons – from €215/night). You need to book minimum two nights.


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