MOK Specialty Coffee Bar Brussels

After successfully opening MOK Specialty Coffee in 2012 in Leuven, founder Jens Crabbé opened a new branch in Brussels in 2016. MOK Specialty Coffee in Brussels exudes authenticity, quality, creativity and a genuine good vibe.

We loved the clean and trendy design. There isn’t a real counter, but a communal space in the middle of the room, which creates a very open and welcoming feeling. People come and go for take-away coffee, others stick around to have a work meeting or enjoy a book. The relaxing vibe is a perfect fit with the location of MOK: on the trendy Antoine Dansaert street, right across Walvis Restaurant and next to the Brussels Beer Project.

Rewarded as the Belgium Cup Tasters Champion in 2013 and 2019, there is no doubt that the coffee Jens Crabbé puts on the table delivers on the promise he makes to his customers:

“We always aim for the very best roasting and brewing to bring you the finest coffee experience.”

That is what sets MOK Specialty Coffee apart: it’s not only a coffee bar but also a micro coffee roastery. Year on year, Jens only works together with the same farmers to guarantee the best beans from quality coffee-makers. By creating real and long-lasting relationships, MOK is able to serve pure specialty coffee.

Craving for some sweets or for a quick bite? Try the homemade pastries or grab lunch or breakfast in MOK. Your taste buttons will be pleased by the purity and the quality of the fresh products they use.

Address & website

Antoine Dansaertstraat 196 Brussel

Diestestraat 165 Leuven

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