Kolonel Coffee Antwerp

The trendy perception of the Antwerp South quarter (t’Zuid) goes hand in hand with trendy and must-visit coffee bars. One of our favorites is Kolonel Coffee, opened in 2012 by Kobe Van Gaveren and Femke Nuyens.

As soon as you step in, you are swept away by the abundance of daylight and space in the stylish and modern interior of Kolonel Coffee.

Choose the long table if you want to socialize or one of the cozy sitting areas for a more private experience. As true coffee blenders, they know how to create a laid-back atmosphere where business and social intermingles.

The coffee is what you can expect from a coffee bar with its own roastery. Very qualitative and tasty! The baristas have a profound knowledge of the product they serve and are always willing to guide you to your perfect coffee.

Nice touch: they manually roast their own coffee beans which you can buy at the bar and take home with you.

“Always striving for the best, we test every batch by cupping.”

Tip: their sunny terrace is one of the best in the area. If it’s sunny outside, try their delicious breakfast and lunch menu.


Kolonel Coffee

Montignystraat 51 2018 Antwerpen

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