ZaligAanZee in Knokke, Blankenberge & Damme

“We want to give our customers an instant holiday feeling. That’s why we chose the word ‘Zalig’(or blissful, delightful in English) for our holiday homes: it’s the best description for that overwhelming holiday feeling we want to evoke!”

Kathleen Cassiers and Stefaan Van Dyck have created 6 deluxe holiday homes at the Belgian seaside (4 in Knokke, 1 in Blankenberge and 1 in Damme).

The instant holiday feeling is not only resonated by the name, but you are overwhelmed by it the moment you step into your holiday home. Indoors you will be dazzled by the natural, cozy and attractive decor.

The spacious rooms with lots of natural light are perfect during the day. When evening falls, you can snuggle up on the large couch and enjoy some quality time gathered around the fireplace. The comfortable bedrooms with king size beds and ensuite bathrooms are the ideal excuse to sleep in and hit the snooze button a zillion times.

Although the expression is ‘the cherry on top’, we need to adapt it to ‘cherries on top’ for ZaligAanZee: a big garden, an outside (heated) terrace with lounge sofas and an outdoor kitchen with wood-fired pizza oven and a paella pan.

If you are looking for an ideal holiday home to enjoy some quality time with friends and family at the Belgian seaside, look no further.

ZaligAanZee has everything you need and will exceed your expectations.


There are 6 holiday homes (Knokke, BlankenBerge and Damme) for groups of 10 – 20 persons.

Prices per weekend, midweek or week. Prices depend on the type of holiday home and the period.

Due to the corona crisis, you can book the holiday home for smaller groups (bubble of your family) at temporary reduced prices.


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