Cafe Labath Ghent

Ghent has a wide range of coffee bars. Seventh heaven for a coffee aficionado. But with such a diverse offer, it's also important to separate the wheat from the chaff. A barista coffee bar is a trendy concept. In the last few years, they seem to spring up like mushrooms in Ghent.

We recommend Café Labath: founded in 2011 by Thomas Labath, it is an established value in Ghent and still one of our all time favorites.

Old but gold: the baristas in Café Labath know their coffee beans and will happily serve you a quality coffee to your flavor.

Beardy men with dots in their hair or women with crop tops and white sneakers: the hipsters are omnipresent in barista coffee bars. What we love about Café Labath is that they attract a very diverse public. From locals or people having a meeting to writers sunk away in their own thoughts, people reading their newspaper and yes of course… the ‘hipsters’: this casual atmosphere instantly makes you feel at ease and at home.

A perfect Sunday: waking up late, taking a stroll through the city and people-watching on the corner terrace of Café Labath.

On the crossroads of 'Hoogstraat' and 'Oude Houtlei' the corner terrace offers a great view. It's just a stone throw’s away from all the main attractions in the historic city center. If it’s raining outside, no worries. They have a modern retro interior where you can easily spend a lovely afternoon.

Hungry? Cafe Labath serves delicious self-made croissants for breakfast and cakes from Julie’s House, another established value in Ghent!

Coffee on the go: reusable cups

During the corona crisis, Thomas Labath wanted to offer people a genuine good cup of coffee. Sustainability is of paramount importance to him, so he was shocked to see the amount of waste his ‘coffee on the go’ created. Although Café Labath already served their ‘coffee on the go’ in biodegradable cups, they wanted to go the extra mile. Solution? They introduced a reusable bamboo coffee cup, the Ecocoffee Cup. The lid and sleeve are made with matte food-grade silicone, designed especially for hot liquids. A smart solution to reduce waste.


Oude Houtlei 1 9000 Ghent

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