Bia Mara Brussels: contemporary fish and chips

We only had a day in Brussels and were in the historic city center at lunch time. Instead of randomly choosing a ‘tourist trap restaurant’ at La Grande Place, we decided to do a little bit of research. Glad we did, because Bia Mara definitely gives an unexpected twist to fish and chips. To say the least!

Founded by two Irish men, Simon Whiteside and Barry Wallace, you can expect that they can distinguish the good from the bad when it comes to this traditional dish. But Bia Mara (which means seafood in Celtic) stands for so much more than just serving you a truly good, creative and contemporary fish and chips dish. First and foremost, quality is key for Bia Mara. They only serve responsibly sourced, seasonal fresh fish.

We want to show everybody that fish and chips could be made using any species from our beautiful ocean. Less demand on specific fish can only help the harmony of the ocean.

By adopting sustainable fishing as a starting point, they ended up creating over more than 60 different recipes using unexpected species for fish and chips such as hake, pollock or sea bream.

Diversity in fish = diversity in sides. From curry lime sauce to garlic truffle or berbere sweet potato ketchup, the different sauces are to die for! Nice touch: the panko or tempura fish are served with thick cut French fries made with 100% vegetable oil and salted with seaweed.

If the sun is out, sit on the lovely little terrace on the Marché aux Poulets: it has an industrial feel and is perfect for people watching (…and avoiding the touristic crowd of La Grand Place 😉).

Address & website

Rue du Marché aux Poulets 41 1000 Brussels

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